When We Say Clean,

We Mean Immaculate

  • In house cleaning service /Office cleaning -  Weekly, two weekly and once a month services to suit customer's requirements and lifestyle. 

  • Bond exit cleaning / One off cleaning - We clean up and handle your chores :) 

  • Carpet cleaning -  We carefully inspect and deep clean your carpet or rug on site

  • Air B&B cleaning - Our dedicated Airbnb cleaning services will help you get five star reviews for cleanliness. 

  • Garage cleaning

  • Oven & BBQ Cleaning

  • Pre-Sale cleaning

  • Maid Service - We do grocery shopping, cooking, laundry , ironing and more services available upon client's request.   

We are professional experts,offer a personalized service tailored around you and your requirements. 

The cleaning process is supported by proactive managers who uphold the highest quality assurance standards. To get great job done, we use the best available equipment.

Our services are booked at an hourly rate, no driven time frames just professional, high quality honest services.

Customer’s satisfaction is most important to us. We inspect our cleaning work before leaving your house.  If you find our service unsatisfactory with in 24 hours and contact us, we will come to fix up the issue the next day. Refunds are not available.

 Service cost

※Home/Office cleaning:  $35 per hour/1 cleaner



      1 x Bedroom Property - $ 50     1 cleaner / 1.5 hours

      2 x Bedroom Property - $ 70     1 cleaner/ 2 hours

      3 x Bedroom Property - $ 105   2 cleaner/ 1.5 hours

      4 x Bedroom Property - $ 140   2 cleaners/ 2 hours

      5+ Bedroom Property - $ 180   3 cleaners/ 3 hours

    What we do:



  • Refrigerator (top and front)

  • Stove (top, front & control panel)

  • Microwave cleaned (inside and out)

  • Cabinet fronts washed or dusted

  • Sinks & fixtures

  • Small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, etc.) wiped

  • Window sills cleaned

  • Light fixtures dusted / cleaned

  • Switch plates cleaned

  • Counter tops cleaned

  • Tables & chairs washed or dusted

  • Dishwasher front clean & polish

  • Trash emptied

  • Floor (Vacuum and mop)

  • Cobwebs removed


  •  Cobwebs removed

  •  Tub / shower cleaned, disinfected and rinsed

  •  Shower floor and walls cleaned

  •  Shower door, tracks and glass (in/out) cleaned

  •  Toilets disinfected (in/out) including base and behind

  •  Light fixtures dusted / cleaned

  •  Mirrors / pictures cleaned

  •  Towel racks, toilet paper holders and shelves dusted

  •  Sink cleaned

  •  Counter Tops

  •  Cabinets outside wiped down

  •  Trash emptied

  •  Vacuum+mop floor

All rooms/

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Fireplace mantel dusted

  • Chair rails wiped and dusted

  • Mirrors / Pictures cleaned

  •  Window sills wiped or dusted

  •  Furniture dusted

  •  Furniture cushions and pillows fluffed & straightened

  •  Vacuum and mop

  • Beds made & linens changes when provided

  • Lamps & Lampshades dusted

※One off, Bond exit, Deep cleaning :

  Our one-off cleaning services can be customised according to your household    needs. So leave all those cleaning chores, for which you never have time for, to us. 

   On average a deep cleaning time is 2 to 3 times more compare with  regular cleaning.


   Deep cleaning includes the regular cleaning services plus it covers area following:

  • Behind home appliances like fridge, washing machine and oven.

  • Under the sink.

  • Inside the oven

  • Inside window frames, window.

  • Wiping down all blinds

  • Full dusting including ceiling fans , light fixtures and lamp.

  • Scale, Mold removal from bathroom, Kitchen

  • Wipe down the wall.


​        Deep cleaning cost (example)

       1 bedroom property    1 cleaners/ 3 hours      $105

       2 bedroom property    2 cleaners/ 2.5 hours   $175    

       4 bedroom property    2 cleaners/ 4 hours      $ 280


※Maid service :   $35 per hour/per maid

    This is really useful service for busy professional,mum and elderly. We can help       you with your housekeeping needs such as shopping, cooking, laundry ,                 ironing and more things upon client's request.     


※Carpet Cleaning


     It's really depend on condition of the carpet. Also how much furniture to move as well.         A minimum charge is NZ$100.     


  • Studio or 1 Bdrm apartments         $100


  • 2 bedroom plus Lounge (3 rooms)     $120

  • 3 bedroom plus Lounge (4rooms)     $130


     $20 Charge per extra room.

     Large floor rugs(2 x 3m)   $30   

     Small rugs/Runners          $15

※ Air B&B Cleaning   $ 35 per hour/1 cleaner 

    Our dedicated Airbnb cleaning services will help you get five star reviews for           cleanliness. 

    Regular house cleaning + 

  • Making up beds and placing towels,

  • Replenishing consumables as specified by customers,

  • Washing/unloading dishes and cleaning fridge inside.

    ​*you need to provide clean linen and towels at the property.

GST exclusive price.